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Macross 7 (マクロス7)
Genre: Action, Drama, Mecha, Music, SciFi
Type: TV
Episodes: 49
Year: 1994-1995 (16.10.1994 till 24.09.1995)
Producer: Ashi Production
Thirty-five years after the legendary Battle with Bodolza`s Main Fleet, the New Macross 7 fleet journeys to the center of the galaxy. Having once faced total extinction, the surviving Humans on Earth drew up an ambitious plan to ensure their survival. Super-long-range emigration fleets (such as the Macross 7 fleet) would spread Humankind across the galaxy. Meanwhile, close-range colonization of planets (such as Macross Plus`s Eden) would counteract Earth`s population explosion and dwindling supplies. Seven years have passed since Captain Maxmillian Jenius led the 37th long-range emigration fleet from Earth. Inside City 7, the main habitation "block" of the Macross 7 flagship, the Fire Bomber rock band prepares for their first live concert. Something`s amiss, though ....

DVD - Macross 7 ep:9-13 rus/jap sub:eng
Macross Zero (マクロス ゼロ)
Genre: Action, Mecha, SciFi
Type: OVA
Episodes: 5
Year: 2002-2004 (21.12.2002 till 22.10.2004)
Producer: Bandai Visual
It was 1999 when a huge extraterrestrial battleship fell down to the Earth and brought superior technology which led to the beginning of war between U.N and Anti-U.N. Eight years have passed, so many veteran pilots were lost on after another, so even boys in their teens were gathered into the battlefield to fight the war.
Shin Kudou, a young U.N F-14 pilot and the main character of the story gets shot down by an unknown enemy ship during a sortie and crash landed on a solitary island.
Coincidentally, an unusual energy reaction is detected on the island, and the energy reaction might be originated from the Protoculture`s superior technology legacy which was brought by the extraterrestrial at ancient times. This technology legacy is very similar from the recovered fallen extraterrestrial battleship eight years ago.
Now, both of U.N and Anti-U.N are going to invade the island for the quest of recovering the legacy and the superior technology it posesses...

DVD - Macross Zero ep:5 rus/jap sub:rus

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